At the farm, just south of Jalapa

eight of the young men that Carlos rescued from the dump work on a 25 acre organic farm.


In February of 2012.

Pastor Carlos told Erik the Flutemaker, “Erik, if there is ever a time when our friends in the north could not help us, we would be OK if we owned some farmland because we are farmers and we could feed ourselves.”

Carlos had been renting farmland in Jalapa for two years and Erik recommended he ask the owner if he had any land for sale. 

Now, four years later,

the farm produces food for home in Cascabel and for the children of the Mercy Ministry. Some of the food is sold. 

Cascabel Collective (1 of 1)-28.jpg

A farm house has been built. A well put in, 500 fruit trees were planted that will be a major financial help in 2017. The farm gets three harvests a year. During the dry season they irrigate with a pump from the stream. The farm is growing corn, beans, yucca, peppers, avocados, mangos, bananas, oranges and many things in their garden.  

The farm is a staging area for moving food to feeding centers and is also a tool to teach farming to our kids and others. 

In 2015 we received a donation from Carabello Coffee to plant hundreds of coffee trees, put in a cistern, a drip irrigation system and they bought 2 oxen to help with plowing and provided for the ox fence.

Beans being packaged to give to Mercy families.

Beans being packaged to give to Mercy families.

Our hope for the future is

that the farm will be able to support itself, providing a sustainable source of income and food for ministry.